Welcome to the Whitespace Machine Communication (WMC) Lab founded by Prof Yue Gao. We focus on developing theoretical research into practice in the interdisciplinary area of antennas, signal processing, spectrum sharing, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and millimetre-wave (mm-wave) transceiver systems. A poster of our recent research work on IoT devices and network, mm-wave transceiver system, metallic and 3D printed 5G antennas, sub-Nyquist sampling algorithms and implementations can be downloaded here.

Our main research themes are as follows:

    –  UHF, UWB antennas, Characteristic Modes Analysis
    –  Sub-Nyquist sampling, compressive sensing, s-FFT, multi-coset
    –  Smart wireless system design and integration 
    – MIMO, Massive MIMO, mm-wave antennas, OAM
    – Reconfigurable Antennas Based on Liquid Metal


We are always pleased to hear from potential students and researchers interested in a topic that fits with your research areas. Please contact us (yue.gao@ieee.org) if you are interested in joining us. Follow us on Twitter @WMCLab